5 Steps to Improve Lymph Flow, Immune System and Overall Health

1.    Deep Breathing - take 2 deep breaths often. When you take a deep breath you help pull fluid through your veins and lymphatic vessels.

2.    Daily Exercise -  At least 15 minutes daily. When you exercise you are moving blood and oxygen through your body and organs to help improve the detoxification of cellular waste.

3.    Balanced pH -  Homeostasis - First Grade Science. To achieve homeostasis, the body is always moving between acid and alkaline, trying to balance itself. When the body is out of balance, too acid or too alkaline, your lymphatic system can constrict allowing waste to build around and in your cells. This buildup of cellular waste creates toxicity and inflammation that can negatively affect your heath.

4.    Hydration - 1/2 to 3/4 oz of water per lb. Depends on activity level. You are 60 to 70% water. Drinking copious amounts of water with minerals is a good way to improve natural detoxification in the body.

5.    Good Posture - Stand and sit straighter. The lymphatic system is a tiny plumbing system (many vessels as thin as a strand of hair or microscopic), that must return blood proteins back to the heart and blood. When you slouch or have a forward head tilt you can slow or stop the lymph flow. Try sitting and standing straighter, you will feel more open and flowing.


Everyone from the age of 5 should begin to learn how to maintain their lymphatic system, the body's sewage treatment system, to have a healthy life, lower their risk of or help overcome a disease.

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5 Steps to Improve Lymph Flow, Immune System and

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