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The lymphatic system, your body's sewage treatment plant, is an emerging science. Many people don't know they have a lymphatic system and that it is responsible for maintaining their overall health. This is a real problem that needs to be addressed!

Your gift will be made on a secure network and will help support, lymphatic research, education, awareness and advocacy. Everyone has a lymphatic system that plays a large in maintaining the body and brain.

A very important role of the lymphatic system is it helps clean damaging cellular waste and excess
acidicfluid from the body and brain.  Everyone should understand the basics of how to maintain the lymphatic system to lower their risk of disease and to promote health.
Please Come and Learn About Your Lymphatic System. If You Learn Science At LR&EI That Benefits Your Health and Life, Please Donate So We Can Help Change The Lives of Others!

Everyone Has a Lymphatic System That Cleans Cellular Waste From Their Body and Brain

Lymphatic System Education Changes Lives!

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