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Reserve your seat at our next Free Lymphatic Health Class explaining the importance of  the lymphatic system and its roles in health and disease. Learn how to maintain your body's sewage treatment plant with a healthier diet, proper hydration, deep breathing, daily exercise, meditation and self-lymphatic activation.This class is a prerequisite for participating in any of our studies.  Contact Us to reserve your seat.

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  • LR&EI is accepting applications for the Autism, Lymph-Brain Connection Study Learn More
  • Upcoming Free Class January 17, 2015 Saturday from 10-12  Get Healthy -  Lose Weight with Lymphatic System Maintenance Learn More
  • LR&EI is accepting applications for the Acne-Lymphatic System Self-Help Study Learn More

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Start a small fundraiser for LR&EI to rally and educate your friends, family and coworkers to support your passion to help change lives through lymphatic system research and education! Contact us for help and ideas. The funds you raise help provide lymphatic research and education programs that will benefit you, your family, friends and many others.


"As the Lymphatic Research and Education Institute, we will know we have accomplished our goal "to promote a greater understanding of the lymphatic system" when  people young and old, organizations, communities, states even countries, begin talking about the lymphatic system and its roles in health and disease."

 John Ossipinsky  CEO

​Lymphatic Research and Education Institute