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"To promote greater understanding of the lymphatic system's role in maintaining human health and prevention of disease through research and education."

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Improving Lives Around The World Through Lymphatic System Research and Education

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LR&EI Co-Founder

“We agree with you that there is a clear need to understand the biology of the lymphatic system in health and disease.”
- National Institutes of Health

John Ossipinsky

The New Era of the Lymphatic System: No Longer Secondary to the Blood Vascular System

Important NIH Funded paper on lymphatic system. Read More

Please read a response I received from the National Institutes of Health, when I contacted Secretary Sebelius in 2009, about how the lymphatic system, is missed in the idea of health and disease.

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Lymphatic Research

& Education Institute

LR&EI's Founder's Letter:

My wife and co-founder of LR&EI, Eileen and I have been in the lymphatic health field for over 20 years. We quickly saw that the lymphatic system, the body's sewage treatment plant, played a larger role in the maintenance of our body and brain than for just swelling and Lymphedema. Manually activating the lymphatic system, a system that helps maintain every system in the body, should be an adjunct therapy in the care of most health problems. Improving this one system can help many health issues by naturally detoxing cellular waste from the body and brain.

In 1994 I was fortunate to meet and learn from Dr. Bruno Chikly, developer of Lymph Drainage Therapy and a pioneer in working with the lymphatic system to help many health problems. Dr. Chikly's 460 page text book, Silent Waves: Theory and Practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy is the first comprehensive book in North America that details the lymphatic system, how to manually maintain it and how it relates to the many systems of the body.

For the next two-decades I worked on hundreds of clients with varying health problems. Over a few sessions to manually activate and optimize their lymphatic system most benefited, improving their condition. Our mission with the Lymphatic Research and Education Institute is simple, to promote a greater understanding of the lymphatic system in health and disease, in the public and in medicine.

The lymphatic system is an amazing system of the body that is just emerging into the paradigm of medicine. In the idea of health and disease the lymphatics are often only considered in Lymphedema or in cancer. In reality you will see that the lymphatic system is directly or indirectly connected to most health problems. Improving this one system whether done manually or with proper hydration, healthier diet or exercise can benefit most health problems.


The lymphatics play an important role in maintaining cellular health and overall health. It has been said that "we live and die at the cellular level."  Every person has a lymphatic system and should know the basics of  how to maintain this life promoting system.

We will know we have accomplished our mission "to promote a greater understanding of the lymphatic system" when  people young and old, organizations, communities, states, even countries start talking about the lymphatic system and its roles in health and disease.

Unfortunately, many people don't know they have a lymphatic system and that it is responsible for maintaining their overall health.  One woman said she thought the lymphatic system was a software system. This oversight is not allowing us to see how toxicity is the basis of most disease.

There is a real problem of missed science of the lymphatic system that is negatively affecting most of us, especially children. The Lymphatic Research and Education Institute is trying to address a real and serious problem and need your help!

Please visit the LR&EI website and learn the basics about maintaining your or your family's lymphatic system. This simple step can change your health and life.

Thank you in advance for any help, you can give to support our mission.


Eileen and John Ossipinsky